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Official distributor of Ross-Tech products for the UK, Marshall’s Industrial are proud to bring you their latest range of diagnostic equipment.

Off Road – 16 – 625 kW

Hyundai Off-Road Diesel Engines are designed to be installed in a wide range of compact, mid-sized, and large industrial equipment…

Generator diesel

Hyundai engines for power generation are built for maximum power output and durability…

Generator gas

The PSI HD line includes 8.1 litre engines, 11.1 litre engines, 14.6 litre engines and 21.9 litre engines…

Fire pump – 7.3 – 744 kva prime

Hyundai Fire Pump engines are designed to simply work, meeting the extraordinary needs for emergency fire pump applications…

Volkswagen Industrial Engines

We were the official Distributor for the British Isles for Volkswagen Industrial Engines from 1995 until Volkswagen left the industrial engine market at the end of 2019, however we continue to support legacy engines in use in a whole host of applications with the supply of Genuine spare parts.


As the official UK Importer, we can offer IMPCO fuel systems which allow a vast range of indoor/outdoor mobile industrial…

CNG Solutions

The IMPCO CNG Module is a patented solution that combines the high-pressure components of the natural gas system in one…

Reserve Fuel System

The IMPCO Reserve Fuel Tank system; designed to eliminate the ‘best guess’ element of deciding when to exchange…



Years of industry experience means we know our clients, understand their requirements, and respect their deadlines. Our services and processes are designed to reflect this. We will not just sell you products and expect you to go it alone. With Marshall’s you get so much more than just an engine or component.