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Home User Kit, For use with a maximum 3 VINs Kit Includes: VCDS® V2 Dongle, USB Cable, USB stick (Software and Manual), Tough Plastic Carry Case.

£225.00 inc. VAT

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Enthusiast’s Kit, For use with a maximum 10 VINs Only Kit Includes: VCDS V2 Dongle, USB Cable, USB stick (Software and Manual), Tough Plastic Carry Case.

£299.00 inc. VAT

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Enthusiast version for use with a maximum of 10 VIN numbers. Our latest top selling product comes in its own carry case ready to go.

£430.00 inc. VAT

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Professional kit, Unlimited VINs Kit Includes: VCDS® V2 Dongle, USB Cable, USB stick (Software and Manual), Tough Plastic Carry Case.

£499.00 inc. VAT

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Professional unlimited version for use with an unrestricted VIN use. Our latest top-selling product comes in professional unlimited VINs and its own carry case ready to go.

£625.00 inc. VAT

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Official Ross-Tech product. High-quality finished cable to allow extra 900mm of reach inside the vehicle and 90 degree angle for ease of plug in.

£28.50 inc. VAT

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Vehicle Identification number or more commonly a chassis number, in order to perform more complex functions, you will be required to store a VIN number to proceed.
VCDS will always ask beforehand, so depending on what you are trying to do, you can make the decision then.

This is the maximum number of vehicles you can work on with full functionality, as previously mentioned when you need store a VIN it will be permanently embedded and cannot be deleted, each of the kits can be upgraded to its next level, this is done directly with Ross-tech on their website at an extra cost.

You will only be able to use basic functions of VCDS on any other vehicle, other than the ones stored – operations like scanning, fault finding and clearing codes, anything that requires entering a control module will not be possible. You will need to purchase an upgrade from Ross-Tech to work on more vehicles, which is handy if you do not wish to spend a lot initially and do not mind upgrading your lead during the many years you use it.

All kits perform eXactly the same full functionality, the only difference is the VIN storage limitation and the ability to use the full functions with vehicles – Unlimited kit has no storage limitation, so is naturally the most expensive.

All updates to VCDS software and firmware are free as and when Ross-Tech release them, as long as the laptop or device is connected to the internet, it will ask you to update. Firmware update are done slightly different, we include a handy for video for this on the memory stick provided, so there nothing else to pay for.

All new V2 leads must now be registered with Ross-Tech after 12 uses, included on the memory stick is a video on how to do this.

The lead is supplied with a 12-month hardware warranty. As now all leads must be registered you can then also register on the Ross-Tech.com forums to post any issues direct to Ross-Tech, you may have with your VCDS, they in turn will contact the distributor you purchased the lead from to help with support.

Yes, you can, but contact us beforehand to arrange current pricing and details of where to send your old lead to. If a lead is accepted for refund, as we can only accept genuine and fully working version, we will refund this price back to your original payment for the new V2 VCDS purchased with us


Marshall’s Industrial are a good company to deal with, knowledgeable and reliable. We have been very happy with the way they look after us and will definitely be using them for the foreseeable future.

We have been a customer of Marshall’s for over 25 years and can honestly say that they are the most reliable supplier we have. The depth of knowledge they have about the components we need is not available anywhere else.

Choosing an engine partner for our on-going development projects is a critical decision. I have never had a reason to regret working with Marshall’s Industrial, the team there look after us very well and even when things go wrong they are there for us.

Buying from the official distributor gives the assurance of getting the right maintenance parts direct from the manufacturer, having had bad experiences buying from the internet I will always use them for IMPCO products in the future.

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