Working alongside Converters for many years, we understand the industry and appreciate its requirements. That is why we provide a ‘Just in Time’ delivery service, insuring exact delivery precisely when required; no cluttering-up or holding-up production, just Volkswagen’s reliable parts and components whenever they are required.

Whoever you are converting for, be it schools, teams, healthcare providers, taxis or the emergency services, we understand the need for safety, quality and durability. With over half a million parts and components in our extensive catalogue, we can be sure to provide everything you need to complete the job to the highest standards.

Volkswagen’s impressive investment into research and development, together with their reputation for quality and reliability, makes them an ideal choice for custom made vehicles. Suitable for all accessibility conversions, they provide comfort alongside all the benefits of Volkswagen’s highly fuel efficient, low emission engineering.

Converters up and down the country trust Marshall’s Industrial to provide Volkswagen parts and components. We are always happy to assist all of our Converter clients and always do our best to find just want you require, at the right time and for the right price


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