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One constant that has distinguished Volkswagen Industrial engines as they have evolved through the years is “world class quality”


Volkswagen A.G. first began selling engines for industrial applications in Germany in 1952. They began with the air-cooled boxer engines which were used successfully in the following industries: Agriculture, Forestry, Mining, Marine, Ground Handling, Municipal, Fire-fighting, Construction, Military, Leisure, Power generation, communications…the list goes on.


Volkswagen has long been a leader in the design of engines that are recognised for their durable construction, compact dimensions, low noise and vibration levels, high power-to-weight ratio and fuel efficiency. Quality features based on the automotive and truck engines, have earned the world’s trust for durability, economy and performance.


Volkswagen has long been a leader in emission control technology. They were among the first automakers to mass-produce fuel-injected engines, to reduce emissions and to improve fuel economy. They helped develop the catalytic converter that is the current industry standard and have already introduced a catalytic converter on diesel engines for lower emissions levels.

Volkswagen’s commitment to the environment goes back over fifty years, when they equipped their first factory with systems to preserve air and water quality. In addition they go to great lengths to make their processes and components safer for the environment, through recycling and “green” design.

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