The complete range of Tomasetto products

Extensive range of LPG and CNG multivalves, fittings, reducers and accessories. Tomasetto Achille Spa enjoys a reputation for being first class engineers of LPG mulitvalves. An Italian based company, Tomasetto maintain a manufacturing presence in Italy, India and Argentina. Distributors around the world, Tomasetto specialise in the design and manufacture of quality mechanical components for LPG and CNG automotive systems.

At Marshall’s Industrial we can supply the complete range of Tomasetto Achille products, which includes amongst other things; multivalves for LPG tanks, LPG and CNG pressure reducers, LPG and gasoline solenoid valves, filling points and accessories for LPG and CNG conversion kits.

From multi-valves to maintenance kits, fixings, reducers and accessories, Tomasetto’s extensive range of components is a valued addition to the specialised product ranges Marshall’s Industrial supply to the UK. By working with world renowned companies such as Doosan, Volkswagen, IMPCO, Stako and Tomasetto we have developed our ‘complete’ service philosophy which enables to deliver a just what our customers are looking for.


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