Power generation

Instant, reliable, clean power for primary, backup, emergency or recreational use makes IMPCO the mobile fuel system solution of choice for eco-friendly power generation.

IMPCO products enable the use of clean, transportable fuels, offering cleaner burning, convenient alternatives to gasoline or diesel and eliminating the potential for environmental damage from accidental spills.

During power outages mobile or standby generators fitted with Impco fuel systems prevent workplace interruptions by providing dependable energy.

Stationary Engines

In geographically remote locations and for stationary power needs, IMPCO’s alternate fuel technology allows for the use of locally available gaseous fuels.

Natural and liquefied petroleum gases provide energy to power irrigation and industrial equipment. Standby generators for industrial and high-rise buildings assure clean uninterruptable power. Natural gas has eliminated the need to use diesel fuel in densely populated areas, reducing the level of local pollution.

Mobile Equipment

IMPCO fuel systems allow a vast range of indoor/outdoor mobile industrial equipment to operate on cleaner-burning gaseous fuels.

Forklifts, man-lifts, scissor-lifts, sweepers, aerial platforms, turf equipment, lawn & garden equipment, light-duty construction gear, mobile wood processing tools and ground support equipment at airports are representative products in this market segment. LPG is the primary fuel choice due to the strict indoor air quality standards of most applications.

We can offer components, full systems and service parts into this market.

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