With over 500,000 components, find something for any and every application.

With concept, drawing, design and then prototype testing even before you go into production taking up valuable project time, resources and money it’s not surprising people take advantage of components that Volkswagen Group has already done the hard work and has in production and in use in reputedly one of the harshest environments.

Volkswagen components have a proven track record for great design, high quality, durability and competitive prices. Whether you want a vehicle component for your low volume sports car, a suspension component for your ride on train, a cup holder for your 50′ yacht, bonnet hinge for your locker door … we can help.

Looking for something specific? Call us up and explain your requirements; we will happily utilise our extensive knowledge to find just the what you are looking for.

We work side by side with OEM’s up and down the country and have with over half a million bright ideas to help your product run smoothly.


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